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Yossi SharfYossi's love has always been to perform and entertain others. Even as a young boy growing up in Staten Island, he was always looked upon by his shul to get things "Leibedik" either during a Simcha, Chagigah or Simchas Torah.

As he grew older, he started to fine tune his talents. He was always eager to join his camp's choir and perform in their plays. While attending Yeshiva Torah Vadaas High School, he learned how to play the guitar, which helped him better understand what music was really all about.

After spending a year learning in Yeshiva Lev Avrohom in Yerushalayim, he came back home to join in his family's first wedding. It was then that Yossi first stepped onto the dance floor and blew everyone away, and he hasn't looked back since. Whether to do splits, slides or his own original moves, Yossi was always pushed into the middle of the dance floor while his friends cheered him on.

While learning as Chavrusahs in Yeshiva, Yossi and Eli Gerstner became close friends. Eli witnessed Yossi's amazing abilities. When the Tek-Noy dream was born, Eli could not think of a better fit for the group, than Yossi. After his successful run as The Chevra's "Dance Choreographer," Yossi and his other group-mate, Yossi Newman, have been working on dance moves that will not be matched in the Jewish music world. He is honored and humbled by the opportunity that he has to perform as a member of Tek-Noy and is always grateful to Hashem for giving him his talents and abilities to entertain others.

Yossi currently lives in Brooklyn's Marine Park neighborhood, with his wife Rivky and two children, Moishy & Gitty.


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