Yossi Newman

Eli Gerstner

Yossi Sharf


Yossi NewmanWhen Yossi was 13 years old, he received a keyboard as one of his Bar Mitzvah presents.   Within a few days he was already playing popular Jewish songs and within a few months, he was performing in Telz (Cleveland), at his Yeshiva's Melave Malkas.

While in 9th grade in Telz, he composed his first of many songs.  While still in his high school years, he met Eli Gerstner at camp one summer and they instantly became great friends.   While in camp Yossi would play on his keyboard while Eli would play the drums.  Yossi used one of his many compositions, "Eishes Chayil," for his color war team's Alma Mater.  Eli fell in love with the song and used it as his trademark song for his first solo album.

Yossi and Eli continued their friendship and love for music by performing at Simchas together; Yossi on the keyboard as a "one man band" and Eli as the vocalist.

While in Beis Medrash, Yossi and a few of his friends would attend weddings of people who did not have a lot in life.  Yossi and his friends would dance their hearts out and make the Simcha extremely leibidik.  It was then, that Yossi started to fine tune his dancing abilities and was starting to be known as the great dancer he is today.

After getting married, Yossi moved to Cleveland to be a Rebbe in a Yeshiva.  He noticed that their were many boys with a lot of talents both vocally and musically.  Wanting to run a boys choir, and knowing that it was one of Eli's dreams as well, they collaborated to form the best Jewish Boys Choir in history, The Yeshiva Boys Choir.

While deciding who would be the 3rd and final member of Tek-Noy, Eli could think of no one better than Yossi.  his musical and dancing talents made the decision the easiest he ever made.

Yossi and his wife Chani, make their home in Clifton, New Jersey with their two children, Avi and Ella.


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