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Eli GerstnerEli Gerstner picked up his first drumstick at age five. At age ten he was already playing piano and by age fifteen he was composing his first songs. Eli's meteoric rise in the world of Jewish music quickly followed. His first full length featured album, Hinei, was released in 1999 to rave reviews. By 2001, Eli had gone on to release a second recording, Yosis.

Eli quickly saw the need to create a full service production company to handle the immediate demand

for his many talents. EG Productions was founded in 2001 and is now hard at work producing all the many projects that Eli is involved with. Eli began to perform live on-stage, both at concerts and private events. Eli has quickly become a very much-in-demand performer for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, dinners, and concerts.

Eli's next bold attempt was to make recording history. He achieved his goal with the creation of the incredibly popular singing group The Chevra. With songs composed, arranged, recorded, engineered and produced by himself, The Chevra has become the hottest group in Jewish music history. The Chevra currently travels the world performing their unique repertoire.

Eli's follow-up release was an A cappella album that features performances of Eli singing along with The Chevra. The most recent release, The Chevra 2 has proven once again why Eli and The Chevra are the most popular act in the Jewish music world.

Eli's most recent solo album, V'Ishey Yisroel has been on top of the charts since its release. Once again, Eli has brought the level of Jewish music to an even higher standard.

Eli's next project, a group of young men called "Menucha" was yet another successful creation by EG Productions. Their beautiful voices and harmonies have made them one of the most popular groups out there.

The Yeshiva Boys Choir was a project that Eli has wanted to do for many years. When it finally was released it was clear to everyone that it would be very successful. After their second album was released and even more successful, it was clear that The Yeshiva Boys Choir was the most popular sought after choir in the world.

As if this wasn't enough, Eli expanded EG Production into a full service music company. He formed The Yosis Orchestra, which can be seen playing at many concerts and simchas all over the world.

Eli latest project, Tek-Noy, on which he is the lead vocalist (aside from being the album's producer, composer, arranger, engineer,...etc...) is destined to be one of his best projects to date.

While not performing in Israel, Australia, England, or Hong Kong (among many other locations across the United States), Eli, his wife Chani, and their sons Yaakov and Moishe, make their home in Brooklyn, New York.


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